Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be the premier institute for technical and vocational training in Pakistan. DTI’s mission is to build a skilled and empowered Pakistan by investing in marginalized and underprivileged youth, providing them with the skills they need to earn a sustainable means of livelihood.

Core Values



We impart the 'Best in Class' HSE training to our students through well-qualified and competent teachers and attach the highest value to the safety of our employees and students. We have zero tolerance for preventable incidents.


Hardwork & Discipline

We are committed to instilling the qualities of hard work and discipline in our students such that they contribute to operational excellence in their areas of work and achieve success in their careers.



We attach high importance to honesty, ethics and accountability in our Institution and strive to influence student's behaviors towards this objective.



We value equity, inclusion and dignity for all people regardless of faith, gender or ethnicity. Our management ensures open communication and respect for the administration, faculty and students.